Mr. Rajiv Sonawane

Our home designed by Synectics Architects each day brings delight, surprise and enjoyment beyond expectation. This seems the most critical and lasting test of good architecture, translating a client’s lifestyle and goals into design, and ultimately what it might feel like to “live” in a home. During our close collaboration and to this day, Synectics Architects in all respects produced a design that leaves nothing to regret. As clients, we were very “hands-on” so we were reassured by Synectics’s welcoming of our ideas not only as clients but contributing team members. Synectics worked hard to understand our goals and was very effective at translating those goals into design. For each constraint whether it from code or constraint – or us – Synectics managed to offer a design alternative that enhanced the project. We feel fortunate to be in a home of our own design and making, and for having to chosen to work with Synectics Architects.

(Chairman of mahajan education society & businessman)